Cost and Financial Aid

Costs and Budgeting

Studying overseas can fit any budget. Some programs actually cost less than remaining at Shippensburg for a semester while some cost more. The choice is up to you. Our office can help you find the program that fits your budget.Cost

2020年世界杯冠军Most grants and loans can be used for studying abroad. The only financial aid that does not travel is college work study and tuition waivers.

2020年世界杯冠军The cost of studying abroad varies depending on which university or program you chose, as well as your ability to budget once abroad. Typically, if you choose a less expensive university or program, you’ll have more money for spending and/or traveling.


2020年世界杯冠军The exchange rate fluctuates daily and the overall expenses can go up or down. Check the  as you plan for your trip abroad.

2020年世界杯冠军Most programs do not include the following expenses, which should be budgeted for:

  • Passport/Visa
  • Airfare
  • Local transportation
  • Spending money

Learn more about financial aid options to help you cover the costs of studying abroad.

Students who receive financial aid can use it to go abroad. Aid that can be used includes:

  • Federal Direct Stafford Loans
  • Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loans
  • Federal Pell Grants
  • Federal Perkins Loans
  • PHEAA State Grants*
  • Alternative Loans

*2020年世界杯冠军 Eligibility for this award will be reviewed based on actual cost of tuition & fees along with term length provided by host institution.

NOTE: Federal work study cannot be used to fund study abroad experiences.

Questions about  financial aid for studying abroad can be directed to:

Mary S. Burnett
 Director of International Programs
2020年世界杯冠军 (717) 477-1279

Mindy Kasper
 Associate Director of Financial Aid
(717) 477-1131

Scholarships can be used on an individual basis to fund overseas study. Students should contact their scholarship program directly or Dr. Marcie Lehman, Associate Professor and Chair of Scholarships, at  mllehm@laprairie-hanc.com2020年世界杯冠军, or (717) 477-1589.

NOTE: Board of Governors Scholarships cannot be used to fund study abroad experiences. Students are eligible to receive the BOG when they return from studying abroad if all necessary criteria and paperwork is completed prior to leaving.

2020年世界杯冠军Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education also offers scholarships for study abroad. To qualify, a student must meet certain financial need and submit a scholarship application. Questions about these awards can be directed to Mary Burnett.

National study abroad scholarships include:

Scholarship deadlines can occur as early as one semester to a year prior to the semester you plan to study abroad. We encourage you to research opportunities in advance of deadlines. Contact the International Programs Office for help with scholarship application process and to find out about upcoming deadlines.